India is a country that will forever intrigue me and one of the reasons it’s in my top 10 favourite places in the World.

I may be slightly biased (because I’m half Indian!) but I think the country has so much to offer. It’s so full of contrasts which tug on every emotion. When I visited Goa, it wasn’t overly tourist, which meant that some days, we were almost the only people on the beaches, and they were some of the best I’d ever seen. They had completely untouched sands, along with 10/10 hospitality and the loveliest people all around.

However, the calmness and beauty were worlds away from the hustle and bustle of mad Mumbai. I saw my first ever slums here, and we were surrounded by extreme poverty, and millions of people in desperate need. My family and I attended a wedding here, and you could feel the difference between our lives and those around me. The film Slumdog Millionaire is exactly what India is like. Expect disabled children begging at your taxi window and lots of heartbreaking situations that leave you feeling quite helpless and privileged.

It’s an eye opener for sure, and writing my dissertation on the country has left me with so many more questions that are waiting to be explored and answered! I’ll be fully content when the time comes to travel, volunteer and stay in India properly! If anyone wants to join me….

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