My favourite European country, Italy! And for obvious reasons, it’s in my top 10 favourite countries, probably even in my top 5! Some of my favourite memories with my best friend were from our travels in Venice, Pisa, Rome, Florence, Castelfranco and Alleghe.

My first big trip away without family was with my best gal. We stayed in an old monastery in Pisa, on Halloween. It torrential rained almost the whole time we were there… but we stuck our England flag rain macs on and still did the open bus tours around Florence and Rome. Pisa was a lovely little city. Not loads to do there once you’ve seen the leaning tower and things around it, but it’s a good base and easy to travel from. I think Rome is slightly over-rated and full of tourists and expensive restaurants but we rushed a lot into one day so perhaps there’s better ways to see the city like staying for longer. Florence will forever be one of my favourite European cities. It’s so beautiful and romantic.

Castelfranco, Venice and Alleghe was on a separate trip where I stayed with my bestie and the family she was au-pairing with. It was so lovely to be able to stay with them and eat proper homecooked Italian food! For anyone interested, she used the website ‘help x’ which is amazing for different opportunities around the world. The people in Italy are lovely, and transport makes it so easy to get around. The village of Alleghe is in the heart of the Dolomite Mountains. The scenery is stunning. Me and my gal ended up getting lost in the mountains and trekked for hours. Normal people would stick to the path or take the ski lifts…. The sights at the top were amazing (when we finally made it!). Similarly, Venice is stunning. It’s quaint and there’s no place like it. We visited during carnival time too which was an experience and a blessing to see.

The country is full of romance and pretty sights. Along with the best pizza, best wine and best looking men, what’s not to love?!

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