Turkey has made my top 10 favourite countries mainly because I went there so much as a child, so it holds lots of memories for me. It was my first real taste of experiencing a completely different culture to what I already knew. Altinkum, Marmaris and Antalya are all beautiful destinations and perfect for your typical two week, all-inclusive holidays. There was a good mixture of everything, nice beaches, good food, cheap alcohol and lots of history and culture tours.

Also the recent crisis in Syria has meant that the some of the tourism in the country has been hit slightly. I think people have a slight fear of travelling there which is a huge shame and hopefully the feeling won’t last too long.

The country is a pretty close plane journey away and has a few more places on my to-do-list! Cappadocia is like one big fairy-tale land and I’ve got high hopes to see the hot air balloons and to visit Istanbul too. One day…! Because of that excitement, it’s made my top 10.


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