My World

Launched in 2017 for sharing stories of travel, spreading knowledge and awareness on social issues and of course, generally ranting!


Now that you’re here, here’s a little bit about me…

I’m Vanisha, I’m 27 and a criminology and sociology graduate from England 💭🐷

I’m pretty much a happy and positive gal, so hopefully I can spread that through my posts and out across the globe, which is pretty cheesy but that’s what I’ve been going with…

My main passions and things that you’ll find me writing about will be travel, probably a load of dating stuff then some serious issues regarding global development, poverty, humanitarian and social issues and the fight for gender equality.

I also want to travel the world and have seen 36 beautiful countries so far! I’m currently working in China and work for a wonderful charity in Mexico called Mision Mexico! Check it out if you have time in my volunteer section. Looking for a new adventure this year, who’s around?!

Anyway, please explore and happy reading!




Follow me on Instagram @vanishamay

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